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The Corrupt Queen

The Corrupt King (TCK) is a daring wine company based on the Mornington Peninsula, with branding unlike any other in the saturated market. TCK wanted to release a wine based RTD, premixed canned beverage - one that showcased their wine, appealed to a wide audience, and most importantly, stood out against competitors. And thus The Corrupt Queen was born.


Branding, Packaging Design, Marketing Strategy, Collaborative Work


The Corrupt Queen



Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 8.53.54 pm.png

The Corrupt Queen is a wine based premixed canned beverage, that is a collaboration of  local businesses. 

The Corrupt Queen is an outlaw in its market space. It is confident and demands attention, challenging the norms of other wine brands and RTD beverages in the market.

With a company slogan of

BE BOLD. BE DIFFERENT. it is important that The Corrupt Queen represents rebellion, whilst still being a premium Mornington Peninsula wine product. 

This project was developed as part of a team, building the branding strategy together.

Marketing and Brand Strategy

A modern brand requires modern advertising and marketing, ie. creating ads that break away from traditional wine brands. The marketing strategy must match the energy and style that the brand embodies. 

The other products in the category all follow very similar branding techniques matching societal expectations. The Corrupt Queen’s brand stands out above the rest as a modern and innovative wine. The logo is memorable and won’t be lost in the crowed with the other formal packaging designs.

The Logo

The logo mark is the centre of the brand. It is the key identifying factor that embodies "breaking the rule" (A skull with a delicate flower crown)

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