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Life Guard

Life Guard is an Australian mens mental health organisation, who in collaboration with MensLine Australia, has developed the 'Throw your mate a Lifebuoy' campaign.


Campaign Design, Brand & Identity, Digital Design


Life Guard




This campaign was developed in response to the mental health crisis, specifically in men. Its aim is to spread awareness about the importance of speaking out, asking for help and checking in with those around you.

Mental health isn't always something you can see, and this campaign highlights this through reference to 1957 Stevie Smith, 'Not Waving but Drowning'.

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 10.06.37 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 1.39.20 pm.png

The Logo

The logo for Life Guard has purposefully been made very casual. Life Guard wants to be seen as an approachable organisation (as talking about mental health is intimidating enough!).

The white text with the orange outline represents a safety ring (lifebuoy) to present the life saving work the organisation does.

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